“without a doubt the best doctor of any kind that I’ve ever had” C.S.

“after each visit my wife would say that you had a beautiful touching way” M.B.

“my sincere gratitude for making my Mom’s last few years better, giving her more joy, less pain and a better quality of life. She really appreciated all of your caring and attention” K.L.

“thank you for all the loving care you gave my mom over the years” J.U.

“Your expertise was immediately apparent, yet you always took the time to connect – even with an emergency in the next room. Thank you for your heart, for true medicine – the people part” D.L.

“I have had many doctors in my 61 years, but I have never had the total confidence that I have in you. You see and hear me. You look me in the face and see and treat all of me. You listen to what I say. You have taken the time to get to know me” S.M.

“Thank you for being you. You are the most caring and supportive person and physician I have ever known” L.D.

“you have the most amazing way of looking beyond the symptoms and the words… your compassion as a doctor… as a person who has chosen the perfect profession… is a gift that you share everyday” A.E.

“Thank you for your honesty about Moms condition as well as the care and compassion you showed each one of us. You are truly appreciated” J.W.

“rare combination of spirit, brilliance, heart and soul” R.J.

“Dr. Heal is one of my favorite people—energetic, friendly, warm, funny, human” E.A.

“deepest gratitude for the extraordinary and compassionate care… that type of personal care is exceptionally rare and reflects wonderfully on your commitment to your patients and your profession” D.B.

“she looked, she listened, she asked questions, she cared” A.M.

“Thank you for saving my life. You have brought smiles to everyone’s face and warmth to everyone’s hearts. You are an angel, a healer” S.L.

“I appreciate the wonderful care you gave my husband. We always left your office with a good feeling” C.H.

“Your exceptional care, expertise and insight prevented her demise… because she got the best, she is here with us today” J.L.